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July 15 is a milestone in Turkey’s history. The history showing how the people of this country protect their homeland against an action of betrayal was made again that day. By this behavior, after the war of independence the nation showed a new national resistance, realized a second national struggle in which own’s self destiny was protected.

Many military coups had been experienced in Turkey’s political history, however, the 15 July coup attempt has basically a quality different from all these coups. It is known that the coups occurred in late history acted to suppress the demands towards democratization of the country and the democracy struggle. When the components of these coups, the elements fundamental dynamics taking place behind them are looked at, it is possible to see that these are classified in two categories, in general. The internal dynamics of the coups, are related to the country’s pre-democracy political structure and culture. Existence of investment groups, bureaucratic elites, militarist groups taking place within the military junta can be mentioned about among their internal supporters; in short, it is seen that the existence of elements that feel discomfort from democratization of the country play a significant role in the military coups.

While it is known that the fundamental reason why particularly large investment groups feel discomfort, is the social rights the employees and large segments of the society, workers being at first place, obtain due to democracy, it is also known that bureaucratic staff react against democratization processes due to their understanding of using the state power in an authoritarian way, seeing the state as an instrument of their own denominational powers and their loyalty to militarist ideology.
And, the external dynamics of the coups are fully related to the resistance shown by the democratic administration structures in meeting the demands coming from outside while the demands and pressures coming from outside are being met easily by the anti-democratic administrations. In cases which the elected powers respond to the western powers treating the country as if it is a colony, as based to the people and by taking to the forefront the interests of the country, trying to put into practice the promises they’ve given to the people, it can be said that the external conditions of the coup have been matured. It can be said in a sense that none of the anti-democratic movements to date, none of the coups and interventions occurred independent from outside. 
Many military coups had been experienced in Turkey’s political history, however, the 15 July coup attempt has basically a quality different from all these coups. 

The basic difference of this coup process, is about that it has followed a way different from attempting by the internal and external dynamics to make the coup by mobilizing the military and civil elements of bureaucracy as it was in the other coup processes. The 15 July coup attempt has been wanted by the FETÖ structure to be made directly through a terror organization and it has been put into practice in this way.

For the first time, the coup plotters taking place in this attempt, have come out as not only to grab the power by making a military coup but in a quality of an invasion movement to remove the independence of the country.

Had the coup become successful, not only the assembly, political parties, trade unions would be abolished but a vast majority of mass not approving this structure such as, the representatives of all these organizations, the President, Prime Minister, government members, political parties’ leaders, member of parliament, leaders of non-governmental organizations, unionists, clergymen would be massacred so as the most prominent indicator of this is the pitiless killing of civil people that night by the coup plotters. 

The feeling which took to the streets thousands of people of this country that night from every profession, every political view, as soon as they heard the news of a coup, is the same.

It is the responsibility to look out for our country and democracy. Our worker fellows who filled the streets when they heard the news of a coup, knew very well how the destruction caused by the 12 September 1980 military coup eliminated the democratic and social rights they acquired up to the then. Our people took the action as soon as they saw that the danger was a much greater one this time, the FETÖ structuring which is a terror organization a junta who betrayed their country attempted a coup to seize the state and establish a bloody dictatorship in the country. 

The treason of this structure acting under control of an external center which they are in cooperation with and want to terminate the independence of the country, was perceived already in the first step by the blood they spilled and just at the moment when they turned the barrels of the tanks to the people. The nation rose-up against the assault committed to the President elected by the people’s votes, the Government, the entire political institution represented by the Assembly, in a sense, the people protected their law and they didn’t let it be violated. 

The workers, unemployed ones, tradesmen, civil servants, young aged persons from every profession who took a stand against the tanks which filled the streets, walked despite all bombs, protected the democracy with this conscious and the Turkish flags in their hands and they showed that protecting the democracy means in the same time protecting the country.

While these people who build a barrier in front of the bloody coup attempt of FETÖ structuring on 15 July gathered at the city squares upon the President’s call, history was witnessing a new event: 
Hand-in-hand in unity with the government party, opposition parties and civil society, the President Erdoğan being at first place, Turkey this time defeated the coup attempt of a terror organization supported externally. This deception gang that aimed to subvert Turkey’s legal administration, democracy, attacked to eliminate the independence of the country, was defeated by the people. An event was experienced, equivalent of which is very difficult to be seen in the world history meaning that this is a political revolution. 

By looking at the issue analytically to understand the quality of the event experienced, if we list what this suppressed coup attempt committed by the FETÖ structuring as an action, has made, it would become easier to see in what kind of a betrayal this FETÖ is.

In this coup attempt, for the first time, it was not only wanted by a military junta to seize the power but also this junta was managed directly by a terror organization (FETÖ) and a fascist, monotype, and an anti-democratic administration was aimed to be established by eliminating the democratic system. For this, they bombed the Turkish Grand National Assembly that constitutes the foundation of the democratic institutions.

On the 15th. of July the coup plotters found in front of them civil people for the first time as different from the coups made to date. This is a case which the coup plotters have never taken into account and they didn’t refrain from carrying out a massacre against the civil people who took a stand against the tanks in the street and they attacked by choppers and warplanes.

As a first in Turkey’s history, all political parties’ leaders jointly with the party in power and the opposition parties altogether developed expressly an attitude against the coup, the President Erdoğan being at first place.  The call of the President Erdoğan to the people to go on the streets and defend the country and the democracy against the coup plotters was considered by our all people from every view, the soldiers who didn’t deviate from democratic legitimacy against the terrorist junta trying to seize the state, the other security forces and public bureaucracy and the people altogether in unity neutralized the coup plotters.

Another major event showing the betrayal of the coup plotters, is the cooperation between the FETÖ structuring and the PKK/PYD terror organizations. The junta officers, security forces of the Fetullah terror organization, pushed the civil people towards the PKK/PYD stress by overlooking the PKK/PYD terror organization’s kidnapping the children and take them to the mountains by applying stress on the civil people in the east and southeastern regions, forcing them to  migrate, making ethnic cleansing and killing civil people under the name of punishment and depriving them of all the fundamental human rights. It is already revealed that many bombing and murder events and even the DEAŞ assault experienced in the Southeastern region were prepared by these three terror organizations jointly. And, it is being understood that the FETÖ and PKK/PYD terror organizations acted jointly even in terminating the attempt to stop terror named as the Solution Process which caused the terror incidents to restart one year ago in the east and southeastern regions. 

After these events experienced, Turkey today, needs further democracy and further stability and the anti-terror and anti-coup alliance, agreement of understanding established between the state and the people, will be a driving power for this.

The precious memories of our people, martyrs, that we have lost in this struggle, our brothers who have been wounded and become veterans for the unity, independence, democracy of this country, have unified and integrated us further in democracy against coup, patriotism against betrayal. We believe in that we could overcome all the difficulties and solve any problems jointly and in unity.


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